Curry stains

Not quite Second Technician

Dave Lister
14 April 1975
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David Lister stands somewhat shorter than the average full-grown man, at about 5'7'', and often loses an inch or two to slouching. He possesses a rich natural tan, and while he is not quite as overweight as he was when he began his journey through space, he leans more toward stocky than wiry.

His hair is always tied in nearly waist-long dreadlocks, and his outfits always tend toward whatever is the most casual on hand--more often than not with a smattering of stains. When given the choice, however, he gravitates toward leathers and khaki.

He's just about 33, easy to lose in a crowd, and fresh from the explosion at the beginning of s8, episode 1 Back in the Red: Part 1

Upon arriving on Tabula Rasa, his inventory is

1 pair tan khaki pants
1 tan khaki button shirt
1 set white underclothing
1 brown leather jacket w/various patches and badges
1 gold-and-silver digital watch, cracked and broken
1 pair heavy leavy combat boots
4 assorted hair clasps.
1 wadded white handkerchief
1 pack of cigarettes
1 silver lighter (Full)
1 tin guitar pick
A few broken bits and pieces from Starbug (Pocket-size)
2 sticks of gum
3 beer tabs
Assorted empty wrappers

[I am not Craig Charles, nor Dave Lister. I own neither, the former of which shares his ownership with himself and his wife, and the latter of which belonging to Red Dwarf and Grant Naylor. Who I am not, either. Just a RP journal, here, folks. Nothin' to see.]